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    — John Vallentin Brandt
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  • "iTech Labs certifies that the Poker Card Dealing System is suitable for single deck Poker games..."

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    "...the card output of the system is uniformly distributed and not predictable."

    — iTech Labs


"To deliver a fair game of poker online with auditable results of every hand dealt."

iTech Labs

Certified by iTech Labs

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Through extensive testing of several prototypes over the years, the R&D team received three patents on its system architecture and dealing system, along with 4 more pending from the USPTO.

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Real Deal Poker provides the world's only fully scalable automated real card dealing system for online game play called CASCADE (Certifiable Auditable Secure CArd DEaling System).

When the integrity of your online game calls for an auditable solution, a Random Number Generator simply won't cut it, because it CAN'T. This is the reason national and state lotteries use real objects for their drawings instead of a RNG.

Imagine the winning lottery numbers being 1,2,3,4,5,6. Would you call for a audit of the results...? Of course you would.

Now since you used physical objects for the random draw of the lottery balls, you CAN audit the results. In fact, a quote taken from the Powerball website states,

"The results of drawings are not official until they are audited by the accounting firm LWBJ, LLP."

Imagine playing online poker and being dealt four kings on the flop and then losing to four aces... would you question that...? Could you question it...?

If the cards were dealt from a Random Number Generator, the answer is NO! The results of an RNG CANNOT be audited. With the Real Deal Poker patented CASCADE technology, you CAN have a post game audit of EVERY hand played!

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Replacing RNG

To ensure the fairness and integrity of online gaming.

Why we do it

We set out to prove it was possible to deliver real cards to an online gaming environment and provide results that can be audited back to a video tape of a deal and a complete set of data records verifying the results.

Why it matters

Because 1 in 3 online poker players don't trust the randomness of the deal.

If you could use real cards to determine the results of your online poker game, would you?

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How it works

We've built a patented automated system that scrambles, shuffles and deals real decks of cards. We then create a video and data record capture of every deal that can be used to perform a third party post game audit. The results are then digitized and delivered through our proprietary reshuffling sequencer to deliver the scalability needed and dealt in an online environment.

We can deliver as many hands of online poker that are currently being dealt today.

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