Investment Opportunity with Real Deal Poker

In 2016, Amaya Inc. (PokerStars) earned $846 million in revenues. Whilst the company is the market leader in online poker, concern amongst poker players about the use of RNG is pervasive. Over 70% of the World’s poker players are yet to venture online. Therefore, we firmly believe that online poker (and other games) operated with real decks and our patented Real Deal technology is the future.

The “father” of the Real Deal technology is Gene Gioia, a poker player from Denver, Colorado (USA) who became disillusioned with online poker. Like others, he was particularly disturbed by the appearance of a lack of randomness of the decks of cards dealt online – based on his decades of experience as a competitive live poker player. Gene’s curiosity got the better of him and through his exhaustive study of the industry, he discovered he was not alone in his observation. In fact, he found the majority of poker players did not trust RNG-generated poker cards. Together with his brother, Gene developed and produced the systems and software that would deliver Real Deal experience and lead to the patents granted them as the only online poker room solution to begin with an actual deck of playing cards.

Operating an Online Poker Room with Real Deal Technology

Game screen

Gene worked to integrate Real Deal technology with poker software and in 2010, launched a licensed, online poker room serving real money players. From the outset, it worked as intended and players loved playing online poker with real cards.

While the initial launch of Real Deal was successful in that it worked and player response was very positive, the company soon experienced a very unhappy (apparent) ending. In developing the technology, creating the initial machines, gaining the technology patents and launching the live site combined to virtually exhaust all available capital – both of Gene’s own and that of his limited number of private investors. With the US market effectively shuttered to online poker and the global recession still impacting the venture investment community, Gene made the painful decision to close the operation and wait for another time to bring his unique technology to the marketplace.

In the ensuing years, Gene began to build a team of advisors, gaming industry professionals and experienced business executives and leaders to help create a re-launch plan for the business.

Investment Opportunity

Well, that time for re-launch has now arrived. The new company will launch Real Deal Poker in the second half 2017 as a free play and subscription model. The launch will allow the company to update and add features to the software and to including options, such as an operational audit capability. In early 2018, the company will launch a real money, licensed, online poker room.

There will be two rounds of fundraising. The first seed funding round will allow the systems to be refurbished, new operating software installed, integration of player/third party automated audit facility and launch of the subscription model. The subscription model will allow the company to showcase the Real Deal systems in order to expose potential partners/licensees, as well as players, to the Real Deal experience.

The proceeds of the second round will be utilized to:

  • Market Real Deal as a differentiated solution for other online card game providers and their players
  • Build additional deck delivery capacity
  • Funding research and the development of software for online casino games with cards

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