The World's ONLY online REAL CARD Random Generator

Only Real Deal games play like real-life card games, because only Real Deal games start with an actual deck of cards. Every other online card game operating – poker, blackjack, baccarat, rummy, and even poker slots – uses a random number generator (RNG). More than one third of all online gamblers and poker players do not trust RNGs – and they are not alone. Every State and National lottery uses some type of physical instrument (like ping pong balls) to avoid even the appearance of impropriety. They know what players know – RNG-driven games are impossible to audit, so testing the integrity of the game is likewise not possible. Real Deal uses real decks of cards, so of course, post-game audits are available to every player. This is how we do it…

The Deck

Only with Real Deal’s patented and automated systems can real playing cards be delivered to online gaming products such as poker. In the Real Deal process, a real deck of cards is scrambled (‘washed’ or mixed in the same way as a live dealer at a table) then shuffled. This truly random deck of cards is then passed over a camera for video capture and a barcode on each card is read simultaneously. The deck is then digitized and encrypted.

The Cut

Real Deal Poker software provides the deck for cutting by the player with the ‘dealer button’. 52 closed cards are presented on screen to the player who uses the mouse pointer to determine the cut position. Why is this important? We wanted to make this as similar to ‘live poker’ as is possible for the player (in live play, the deck is cut by the dealer). Also, poker ‘bots’ (computer programs used to cheat at online poker) are prevalent in online games and they are getting better at emulating a human player. A poker bot cannot cut the digital deck when prompted. While some professional online players do not like this feature – because they tend to play a number of games simultaneously and the cut would impede their ability to do so – Real Deal’s technology is intended to improve the experience for the casual and social online poker players (which together comprise over 95% of all poker players online globally).

The Deal

As in live poker, Real Deal Poker software burns a card before the flop, turn and river.

The Audit

One of the great benefits of beginning with a real deck of cards is that a permanent record can be made of the order of the cards in the deck at the time it was “delivered” to the table. Comments alluding to abnormally high numbers of “bad beats” (and other concerns related to the fairness of games where larger pots yield more rake revenue for operators) are pervasive on online poker message boards. Use of an RNG means there is simply no vehicle to address concerns raised about hacking and other forms of game manipulation (by players or operators). Real cards means an auditable “trail” exists. Since a visual and digital recording is made of each shuffled deck, players can easily request for the deck that was delivered to the table to be compared to the deck that was played. Players can be offered one or more ways to initiate an audit – including self-audit and 3rd party audit options.